The Invisible Hand

Recently, our honourable Prime Minister in his message to the nation suggested that the country should aim towards becoming “AatmaNirbhar”, which roughly translates to becoming self-dependent. I feel this notion of taking an individualistic approach while tending to the worldwide problem of COVID-19, in particular and many other challenges in general, is a foot in […]


It’s been a long time since I was able to convince myself to write something. A lot of times, I would open a blank page and just stare at it. Now I am not a professional writer or an avid blogger who has a lot of opinions about everything and anything. I used to get […]

Love Stories?

Everyone loves love stories. If someone tells you about his/her awesome love story, it is their way of increasing the common belief in love. Because, the first thing that comes to the general mind when interacted with a love story is that the storyteller is lying. It does for me at least. But there are […]

A Merciless Miscreant

When Roshan woke up, the weather was unusually crisp and pleasant in early January. The clear sky promised a bright, sunny day. He was keyed up at the thought of seeing Neelima on her birthday in the evening. So, he reached his office pretty cool and started finishing up his quota of chores so that […]


“He ruined my life. I gave him everything. Everything! I knew he didn’t love me like I do but I never expected my life would turn so ugly because of him.” “Would you like to talk about it more?” She looked at the voice with tearful eyes. There was a calm woman sitting in front […]

Long Night (Part 3)

For Recap: Part 1 & Part 2 Nikhil could feel the dryness in his throat. He could sense his chest thumping up and down in search of oxygen to help him breathe. The nerves on his forehead were twitching. He was still not convinced about what just happened with him. He used the light from his […]

Long Night (Part 2)

Don’t miss the Beginning here! “Hello” “Oh Sorry! Here” Nikhil lit the lighter again for her. She took a long puff and blew out a cloud of smoke in the air. He stood there and continued with his own cigarette. The situation of being alone in the dark with the girl he pined for was already […]

Long Night (Part 1)

“I hate such clients who treat us like their dogs. They just order and we burn our midnight oil in office. As if we don’t have a life of our own!” said Nikhil’s manager in a very pensive tone. Five minutes later, he closed his laptop and told Nikhil on his way out to mail […]

Train Rides

Train rides are always great fun provided you don’t have to constantly ask that uncle to move from your seat for you to stretch your legs. Or there are no babies in your compartment because we all know babies are irritating as hell. They are like us only – Common Indian Public. We also don’t […]

Happy Diwali

I hope all of you had a blast on this Diwali. I also tried to be a part of it as much as I could. Exchanged more forward messages than sweets. Raised my concerns about crackers causing pollution in the day and enjoyed sending rockets to my neighbour’s house in the night. Every year, Diwali […]